Before we start

I hope you're excited to get started. I am thrilled you’ve decided to work with me and entrust me with your project. There are a few things that I’d like to communicate with you before we start working together, which will allows full transparency and for our relationship to start with a good understanding of how we will work together.


  • I juggle a number of jobs and projects on a weekly basis and as a team of one, it’s not always possible for me to get back to you via email the same week. I batch reply to emails so it may take me a few days for me to get back to you but I’ll always try to my best to stick to the timeline we’ve agreed upon.

  • For the best chance to catch me on the phone or Facetime, book a quick chat on Calendly. For anything more urgent, drop me a text and I’ll call you back as soon as I can.

  • Keep work-related communications to emails or Asana.

  • I work on design-related projects Monday to Wednesday — term times only — and take December, April and August off, getting back to you via emails may take a little while longer during these periods.


  • Once we’ve assessed the scope of work and once you’ve accepted the initial quote, I’ll start onboarding you and send you the following:

  1. A contract and invoice for the 50% deposit via Bonsai

  2. An invitation to your project workflow on Asana

  3. A invitation to a Google Drive folder

  • So you can get started with your homework ahead of our agreed start date.

OnboardingMany Mavens